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    Posse EP Volume 1
    Because Music
    Catalogue Number
    Release Date
    September 15, 2021
    • Cassette

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      Limited Edition Purple Cassette

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      Estimated release date: September 30, 2021

    O-Card Sleeve with Purple cassette

    1. Metronomy x Pinty - Half an Inch
    2. Metronomy x Biig Piig - 405
    3. Metronomy x Spill Tab - Uneasy
    4. Metronomy x Sorry - Out of Touch
    5. Metronomy x Brian Nasty x Folly Group - Monday
  • ReleaseProduct
    The English Riviera (Instrumentals)
    Because Music
    Catalogue Number
    Release Date
    November 19, 2021
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      • The English Riviera (Instrumentals) Vinyl, 1×LP Black Vinyl with Palmtree Sticker Sheet

      • The English Riviera (10th Anniversary) Vinyl, 2×LP, Limited Edition 180g Heavyweight Vinyl with Etched Fantascope D Side. Numbered

      Available: November 19, 2021

    • Vinyl 1×LP

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      Black Vinyl with Palmtree Sticker Sheet

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      Estimated release date: November 19, 2021

    • Black 12” Vinyl
    • 25cm Square Sticker sheet

    A Side:

    The English Riviera

    We Broke Free (Instrumental)

    Everything Goes My Way (Instrumental)

    The Look (Instrumental)

    She Wants (Instrumental)

    Trouble (Instrumental)

    B Side:

    The Bay (Instrumental)

    Loving Arm (Instrumental)

    Corinne (Instrumental)

    Some Written (Instrumental)

    Love Underlined (Instrumental)

  • ReleaseProduct
    The English Riviera (10th Anniversary)
    Because Music
    Catalogue Number
    Release Date
    April 30, 2021
    • Vinyl 2×LP, Limited Edition


      180g Heavyweight Vinyl with Etched Fantascope D Side. Numbered

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    Metronomy’s career-changing Mercury Prize nominated album The English Riviera is turning ten years old.

    Re-issued with six previously unreleased bonus tracks now available on limited edition and numbered heavyweight 180g vinyl with etched fantascope on side D, out 30th April.

    A love letter to the stretch of coast a stone's throw from where Joe grew up, The English Riviera marked a breakout moment in the band’s history that would lead them to global success and see them constantly developing their sound for a decade to come.

    1. The English Riviera
    2. We Broke Free
    3. Everything Goes My Way
    4. The Look
    5. She Wants
    6. Trouble
    7. The Bay
    8. Loving Arm
    9. Corrine
    10. Some Written
    11. Love Underlined


    1. Aquarius (Outtake)
    2. Picking Up For You (Outtake)
    3. French Organ (Outtake)
    4. Friends (Outtake)
    5. The Ballad Of The 17 Year Old (Outtake)
    6. Jazz Odyssey (Outtake)

    Certified Gold in the UK and platinum in France, and upon release was met with wide scale critical acclaim: ranked as NME’s #2 album of the year (“a deep sea of ideas and imagination”), NYLON’s #2, Uncut’s #3, Mixmag’s #4, and #7 by The Guardian (“an assured, beguiling album”) among many other end of year lists. The English Riviera’s standout tracks ‘The Look’ and ‘The Bay’ remain Metronomy’s biggest and best recognised songs to date.

    Digital Track List

    1. 1 The English Riviera 0:37 Buy

      The English Riviera

    2. 2 We Broke Free 4:06 Buy

      We Broke Free

    3. 3 Everything Goes My Way 3:30 Buy

      Everything Goes My Way

    4. 4 The Look 4:38 Buy

      The Look

    5. 5 She Wants 3:51 Buy

      She Wants

    6. 6 Trouble 4:46 Buy


    7. 7 The Bay 4:50 Buy

      The Bay

    8. 8 Loving Arm 3:31 Buy

      Loving Arm

    9. 9 Corinne 3:16 Buy


    10. 10 Some Written 6:03 Buy

      Some Written

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